November 2014


Programme : Rajasthan classique 12 jours Paris / Paris

Delhi – Mandawa – Bikaner – Jodhpur – Pushkar – Jaipur – Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Delhi


John Doe
"Excellent guide who even enriched the initial program. About hotels, altogether, very well, except the one in Agra, near Taj Mahal."
John Doe, Martine G.



John Doe
"Good program in spite of some fast visits or certain activities which could be removed (Tonga ride in Jodhpur). Very pleasant meals served in the gardens of some restaurants. Excellent guide."
John Doe, Marie-France M.


John Doe
"Good program in spite of a quite steady pace. Excellent guide, flexible, proposing suitable “extras”. Good hotels but some sometimes noisy (air conditioning, engine). Suggestion of improvement: toilet and curtains in buses."
John Doe, Geneviève R.


January 2015


Programme : Trésors du Sud 14 jours Paris / Paris

Bangalore – Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Pondichery – Chidambaram – Gangaikondacholapuram – Kumbakonam – Tanjore – Trichy – Madurai – Thekkady – Kumarakom (house boats) – Cochain – Mysore – Bangalore.
John Doe
"This journey in South India was very pleasant, a good and very helpful guide for our Group and it is with pleasure that we also appreciated to have Marielle with us. Good quality of hotels and meals as well as bus (not so comfortable in Karnataka), excellent driver and helper. Excellent service on the house boat. We shall keep very beautiful memories of this journey 2015."
John Doe, Annie et André P


John Doe
"I particularly appreciated our guide, full of humor, good knowledge of the country and who spoke with his heart. He allowed us a dumping within the population which I had never experienced in other journeys. And he was always ready to help and every particular request was fulfilled without reminding him. He has been a real friend."
John Doe, Gérard B.


John Doe
"Thanks to all the team to whom we owe the success of this journey. We are close, very close of the “zero” fault! Therefore, we underline some elements of this success, among many others:

  •  The level and the quality of the assistance and services (luggage, courtesy rooms), drivers allowing to optimize the energy of the participants
  • The intellectual quality and the kindness of the guide (French language to be improved) as his energy,
  • Good level of hotels and restaurants allowing to approach a good level of cleanliness and the search for the “charm”. A small regret: the off-centered location of the last one, where we had a day off.
  • Meeting authentic people (craftsmen, small jobs, markets, streets business) and the association of widows when we offered the sewing machines. Here we could have been afraid of a “cheap” good consciousness that which has proved an opportunity of the exceptional moment.

A big thank you for all which valued our approach of this incredible country and its population."

John Doe, Sylvie et Gérard B.


March 2015


Programme : Forteresses et Palais de Rajasthan 13 jours Paris / Paris

Delhi – Mandawa – Deshnoke – Bikaner – Pokhran – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Ranakpur – Deogarh – Pushkar – Jaipur – Fatehpur Sikri – Agra – Delhi


John Doe
"Excellent program, excellent guide, good hotels, very good driver. We may return in India and if that was the case: certainly with you."
John Doe, René et Anne-Marie B.


John Doe
"Good program, excellent guide, good meals, good Hotels except Pushkar Palace whom I found uncomfortable and dirty. Plan an additional day between Udaipur and Pushkar."
John Doe, Danielle B.


John Doe
"Good program, good guide, pleasant and punctual, meals and hotels good to excellent with the exception of Pushkar Palace, average. Driver and helper very professional. We suggest to have earlier departures from hotels (morning)."
John Doe, Claude et Evelyne


John Doe
"10/10. I shall return in India for a new discovery and will travel with you. Everything was perfect : program, guide, hotels, meals, driver."
John Doe, Liliane O.


November 2015


Découverte du Rajasthan et du Népal 15 jours Paris / Paris

Delhi – Shekhawati – Bikaner – Jaisalmer – Camp du désert de Thar – Jodhpur – Ranakpur – Udaipur – Pushkar – Jaipur – Fatehpur Sikri – Agra


John Doe
"Good program and good guide in spite of some difficulties of understanding. Suggestions of improvement: improve the “vocal understanding” of the French speaking guide. The explanations were not always clear or redundant. We intend to visit South India."
John Doe, Josiane F.


John Doe
"Good program, interesting, very dense and consequently a little bit tiring. Nice guide with a good natural authority with a very common sense of the organization. Excellent driver and helper well-disposed and pleasant. We recommend this discovery of India. This journey completely met our expectations. Highly varied visits, well- balanced activities and the discoveries. Thank you. We shall travel with you again."
John Doe, Joël et Annie G.


John Doe
"Very beautiful journey in India and in Nepal in general. We were very satisfied with 3 days in Nepal, in spite of some reluctances at first (further to recent earthquake) for some of us but fast allayed. At no time we felt insecurity or danger. Not to have visited Nepal would have been an error in my opinion. We paid for all the visits to the program with a guide whom I recommend. Good contacts with the locals who need our support. The hotel in the center of Kathmandu is very well, its location facilitating the visits."
John Doe, André T.


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