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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh, a central state of India is the prime cultural and religious hub of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam. The capital city od Madhya Pradesh is Bhopal. Famous for Khajuraho temples – ‘A World Heritage Site’, exquisitely carved Jain temples, forts, palaces, the state is the glorious reminders of erstwhile era of Rajas and Maharahas. The medieval cities, wildlife sanctuaries and holy pilgrimage centers of Madhya Pradesh offer a memorable experience to the tourists. Some of the famous destinations of Madhya Pradesh include are Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, Kanha National Park, Bhopal, Gwalior, Ujjain, Indore.

madhya pradesh map

Madhya Pradesh Map

Tourist Places:



Bhopal : Madhya Pradesh is the largest state in India in terms of area, and Bhopal, which is situated around two artificial lakes, is its state capital. Despite its crowded commercial center, Bhopal is an attractive place to visit. Enclosed by a masonry wall, the city stands on the northern bank of a large lake with a bridge separating it from the lower lake. The name of the city is reportedly derived from Raja Bhoj who created the surrounding lakes by building a dam or pal. Hence, the city was originally called Bhojpal. Over a period of time, this was shortened to its present name, Bhopal.
Sanchi Buddhist Pilgrimage : In 1989, Sanchi was included on the World heritage list and is a must-stop for the millions of devout Buddhists who come to India, from all corners of the world, every year for pilgrimage.



Khajuraho : Khajuraho Temples are the most graphic, erotic and sensuous sculptures of India, the world has ever known. Architecturally these temples are unique. While each temple in Khajuraho has a distinct plan and design, several features are common to all. They are all built on high platforms, several meters off the ground, either in granite or a combination of light sandstone and granite.

Ujjain : Situated on the Malwa Plateau on the eastern side of the River Shipra that originates from the Kakri Bardi Range in Indore district, Ujjain forms the eastern district of Madhya Pradesh, the heart-state of India.. One of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus, known as Saptapurior Mokshapuri, Ujjain has been a prominent center of religious activities for over 2,000 years.



Gwalior : Gwalior is famous for its Gwalior Fort. Also described as the ‘pearl in the necklace of the castles of Hind ‘, this fort dominates the city’s skyline with its massive and captivating structure. Its dazzling beauty, which is a blend of Hindu and Islamic architecture, has left an everlasting imprint on the minds of the people.

Best time to visit Madya Pradesh : The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is in the months of October and April when the state enjoys a salubrious weather.