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Daman And Diu

Daman And Diu Daman & Diu the union territories were under the rule of the Portuguese for a period of 450 years. While in your holidays in Daman & Diu, you will feel a subtle old world charm that is further reminded by the impressive forts and cathedrals that were built during the colonial era. The sandy beaches and rocky coves are the major geographical traits of Daman & Diu that add beauty and grandeur to this quaint land. Besides, there are many tourist attractions in Daman & Diu that are worth catching a glimpse.

daman and diu map

Daman and Diu Map

Tourist Places:

Fort Of Nani Daman

Fort Of Nani Daman

Fort of Nani Daman : The small fort with high stone walls encloses an area of 12,250 sq. mts. It has three bastions and two gateways. The most conspicuous part of the Fort is the giant gateway facing the river with a large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures, on either side of the gateway. The imposing church of Our Lady of the Sea is the principal building within the fort.
Diu Fort : Diu Fort is one of the most beautiful forts in India that attracts tourists from across the world. Located at a proximity to Passo Seco Fort, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tad Fort, Panikotha fortress and Nagoa Fort, this fort is one of the best places for tourism in the island of Diu.

Mirasol Water park

Mirasol Water Park

Mirasol Water park : Make a holiday or picnic of great memories at Mirasol Water Park. Come as often as you want, when you want. With miles of tubing adventures, children’s water playgrounds, water slides, water coasters, our Water park has plenty to please everyone in the family! Don’t miss the remarkable and spectacular rides, unique splash pools and water rides.
Gangeshwar Temple : This is situated 3 Km away from Diu in Fudam village. Five shivlings, are located in the midst of the rocks on the seashore, washed by the tidal waves of the sea. It is believed that the 5 Pandavas during their exile worshipped Lord Shiva in this temple.
The Nagoa Beach : It is the biggest and the most famous beach in Diu. Shaped like a horse-shoe (semi-circle), this beach is located in the Nagoa hamlet of the Bucharwada village and is around twenty minutes drive from Diu. The drive is quite exhilarating, as you drive through coconut groves and experience the cool breeze and the serene atmosphere on the way.

The Ghogla Beach

The Ghogla Beach

The Ghogla Beach : This is a famous beach in Diu, which changes its name to Ahmedpur Mandvi on crossing the border of Gujarat. Swimming here is very safe. This golden sand beach is generally famous for the splendid view it provides of the various fishing villages, cathedrals and fortresses of Diu.
The Sunset Point : This is a small beach in Diu. This beach is also safe for swimming. Abundant palm trees surround the beach and the constant lapping of the sea-water is soothing to the ears. But women should be careful while sunbathing on this beach, as it is the most preferable beach among the local beach goers.

Best time to visit Daman And Diu : The best time to visit Daman and Diu is between October to May.